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Size, color, proportion, design, materials, lighting, and mounting methods are some of the key factors to consider when choosing your exterior sign. Thinking beyond the basics will save you time initially and will give you best ROI (Return on Investment). What does that mean, to think beyond the basics?

Sign maintenance and how your sign will handle the weather are primary considerations. You may also need to consider other factors – like vandalism. What if a graffiti artist decided to use your sign as his canvas? How easy would it be to return it to good-as-new condition?

Of course, your immediate concern is the sign’s 24/7 visual appeal. Remember, your sign won’t exist in a vacuum. Other signs, traffic, and lighting conditions are just a few of the things competing for your prospects’ attention. And what if your logo changes next year? Signage professionals take all of these possibilities into account when they design your exterior signs. From updating old neon signs to weighing the way consumers view LEDs, vinyl graphics, and wayfinding signs, you have a lot to consider. Visit How to Choose a Company Sign, Office Sign or Building Sign to learn more.

A canopy or custom awning can be an incredibly versatile, highly visible part of your business exterior. Awnings aren’t just decorative: awnings are signs too and you can get the folding arm awnings ! Consider what canvas awnings, vinyl shades, canopies with your logo, or other creative, functional signage can do for your business. An awning can enhance service at a drive-thru window, make patio seating more comfortable, provide protection from the elements and improve your curbside appeal.

The best material for the job depends upon the look and type of awning, as well as how and where it will be used. A cloth/fabric looking awning (such as the Sunbrella brand of fabric from Glen Raven) wears well, as do Statler fabrics and other fine materials. A back-lit awning necessitate an eradicable material. (Cooley is a respected brand.) Some vinyl fabrics have a sheen to them; the treatment is most cost effective when applying vinyl graphics. Ask for a product swatch card that will show the various color choices within each material family.


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